A Chess Board Unlike Anything Else.

One board. So much to offer.

A chessboard that connects to the world

Square Off offers you globally connected game-play. Use your automatic chess board anywhere, play with anyone, anytime - from your friend who lives on the other side of the world to the 30 Million players on Chess.com

Play against the board

Square Off Chess Board’s built-in Artificial Intelligence ensures you always have someone to play with. Choose from 20 different levels of difficulty.

6 or 100?
Chess is for everyone

It’s always a good time to learn chess. Known to improve memory and problem-solving abilities, chess enhances your child’s mental dexterity and helps the elderly fight the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, making it an ideal activity for all ages.

Makes for a great gift

Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries, gift a handcrafted Square Off chess set to connect with your loved ones, even when they are away. Browse our collection of smart AI chess sets

Improve your game

Revisit your played matches, analyze your moves and improve your chess skills. With Square Off, there’s a lot more to chess.

Square Off – Pro

The first rollable connected electronic chessboard

Make your move and watch the lights guide the way

Brettet gir deg muligheten til å spille sjakk på et fysisk brett med motstandere over hele verden. Bruk ditt Square off sjakkbrett hvor som helst, spill med hvem som helst, når som helst – fra vennen din som bor på den andre siden av verden til over 30 millioner spillere som er tilkoblet Square off, Chess.com eller Lichess.

Do More With The App!

Connect globally with the Square Off app

Meet the AI

Handmade wooden chess pieces

Frequently Asked Questions!

What is in the box?

Sjakkbrikker (med en ekstra dronning i hver farge), lader, hurtigstartguide og telefonstativ vil være sammen med brettet.

What are the dimensions and weight of the chessboard?

Here are the dimensions:

Kingdom Set : 485mm x 485mm x 49 mm

Grand Kingdom-set: 603mm x 484mm x 49mm

What type of chess program does the app use

We use Stockfish 11 with ELO rating ranging from 800 up to 3300 depending on the difficulty level.

What are the steps to get started?
  1. Unscrew the shipping lock from behind the board till it’s completely out
  2. Plugin the adapter and Switch on the board
  3. Open the Square Off app
  4. Log in via any account and Click on ' Connect Now ' which will automatically pair with your Square Off chessboard
  5. You are now ready to play a game of chess on the board
What is the difference between Grand Kingdom and Kingdom boards?

Grand Kingdom can live-stream matches from tournaments, auto-reset the pieces and has collection space for pieces that are not in play. The battery will last for about 30 games on Grand Kingdom and about 15 games onKingdom. The weight and size are also more on the Grand Kingdom board. Apart from this, both boards have the same properties.