our automated Cat Litter Box

Never Scoop Litter Again

  • The patented scoop system accurately filters out all clumped litter in the separate waste container.
  • Circle Zero automatically cleans the waste 7 minutes after the cat has left the toilet.
  • The scoop system rotates 360° all the way to the bottom. Clumped urine and litter are filtered and discharged to the back of the unit in the waste container.
  • After cleaning, the scoop will rotate backwards to flatten the cat litter.
Waits 7 minutes before scooping
Fits all cats up to 7,5 kg (15 oz)
Safety sensor with auto-stop
Wash once a week with warm water
Nearly no sound during operation
Multi-cat up to 4 cats

accessories required

Any clumping litter will do – No need to purchase special litter or liners.

Circle Zero is available with two different Scoops

Bentonite Scoop
Tofu Litter Scoop


Smart Health monitoring app

With Circle Zero
you can order a
Mugnloo cat Health Monitor

Monitors your cat’s visits and how long they stay

Get alerts of routine irregularities and possible health concerns

Track your cat’s litter box routines

Share a behavioral and health report with your veterinarian or friends and family


Frequently Asked Questions!

It has a perfectly designed body and patented scoop to clean cat waste to the level of precision.

There are two motion detectors to ensure your cat's safety.
A laser sensor is in the waste bin.

We only have white currently and it comes in one size.

Its weight is 14 kg.

We recommend wipes periodically to clean the rakes of the scoops.
Clean the disposal box once a week

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Circle Zero

Circle Zero
+ Mugnloo

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